At some point in the past, I had a small plastic terrarium. I want to say it was a Happy Meal-type toy, but that seems rather grandiose and non-commercial for McDonald’s, so I probably got it somewhere else. Anyhow, I planted the seeds that came with it, saw with fascination how the water condensed on the lid even though there was a hole in it, and watched my plants grow.

I don’t remember what the plants were. I don’t think they were ultimately a success. But I was enjoying them. Then Mom suggested that we plant a different seed she happened to have–maybe a fruit seed, maybe a flower. At any rate, we put it in there, and in time it, too, pushed up a seedling, and I was delighted.

Then one day I came home from school and the new seedling was gone. I asked my dad if he knew what had happened. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I pulled it. I thought it was a weed!” I was indignant, but also amused, as was he, because how would you get a weed in a terrarium inside?

But now I think I know. Or at least I think I’m seeing it. The Striped Toga eggplant seedlings are doing well, but there was the one grasslike seedling I pulled out, and now there are two more that don’t look like the others–squat, fat cotyledons instead of long narrow ones. There are four long shoots growing out of my started strawberry containers, but I seriously doubt they’re strawberries–I only started them three days ago. I don’t know whether it’s the seed company (Pinetree Garden Seeds) or the soil, but I’ve got the feeling I have indoor weeds.

Come to think of it, I planted three wisteria seeds (at least, I’m pretty sure they’re wisteria–they’re off a plant in my parents’ yard; they moved last year and haven’t yet the plant in flower) in a pot, and today there are five seedlings in it. I’m thinking it’s a good thing I need to buy more potting soil.